What do Guys Really Think of Easy Women?

While it’s no secret that men and women view sex differently, women have been catching up in that area and many have completely changed their views on the subject. Women used to feel more pressured to have sex with guys because they felt as if they wouldn’t see them again if they didn’t put out. For many guys, that was their main objective and if that girl didn’t put out, there were plenty of others who would.

superfitwomanMany women would break down and have sex with the guy on the first or second date and then feel bad about themselves afterwards. Some guys viewed it more of a challenge and if they succeeded they began to lose interest in the woman. They wouldn’t call for another date or seek her out again because they already know that if they wanted to see her again they could.

So what do you really think of a woman who puts out right away? Do you think less of her? Do you think that if she did that with you she probably does it with every guy she dates? Does that devalue her in your eyes?

Relationships are confusing enough and when you add sex into the picture it becomes even more complicated. It seems that sometimes we give out the wrong image to women. Of course we want to have sex with them, and if the woman seems like she’s just as interested we go for it. But would you entertain the thought of having a long term relationship with this woman? Even though you are exhibiting the same kind of behavior, do you think less of her?

It seems that the Madonna/whore attitude is still alive and well in our culture. What exactly do we want in a girlfriend? What qualities would we accept in a future wife? There is a difference between a casual fling where both parties know that it’s never going to be anything serious so have fun while you can. There are still many booty calls and because people need people they will still seek out each other purely for sex when they need it.

For some guys they are able to get it when they can, but when they meet someone they actually consider entering into a serious relationship with, they want to take it slow. They actually want to get to know the woman a little better and they may even be a little nervous about their first sexual encounter together. This is because they care a little bit more. It matters what she thinks and you want to make a good impression.

Follow your instincts and if you meet a woman that you could see yourself spending the rest of your life with, play it by ear. Take your time and get to know each other. There is good sex even if it is impromptu. But there is no denying that passionate sex that has matching love interests behind it is unmatched.